How You Can Make Profit With Sourcing Tools

ecommerce virtual assistant

Not every seller manufactures the products, therefore it is the need to rely on a trusted and source for getting products. The source can be a manufacturer, wholesaler. In e-Commerce, several ways and platforms are emerging for sellers to make the best profit on a giant eCommerce platform like Amazon. Before jumping directly into the competition, any random product can be financially injurious to even the smartest of sellers.

Therefore, product research can give the best insights into marketplace trends, customer preferences, and future prospect analysis, and in this top tools such as online arbitrage sourcing UK can help a lot.

Steps to figure out the most profitable Product –

. Search your Top Products through keywords

The best way to understand what is selling at the highest rate on eCommerce virtual assistant is its search result. You have to insert keywords of the products you want to sell and observe the search results. Consider the products that have a monthly search volume and a good volume can only assure you about the future prospects of the product.

Let us understand it with an example. The search results for leather shoes are 60k with above 13k monthly volume. On the other side, the search results for women’s leather shoes count for 2000 has an almost equal number of monthly search results. Now, this will give you a clear picture of which product hold a stronger financial background for you.

• Consider the size of the product and weight while shipping

It is important to go for product sizes and weight. The shipping cost is minimal if there are less weight and size. You need to learn from while deciding the types of products and their estimated shipping cost and dimensions. Amazon provides its overall ranking in the category and preferred category of women. You need to have a perfect shipping size and cost but have lower demand in the women’s section, so you can either make it reach your target audience or switch to a different product.

• Start with selling durable items

Of course, you don’t want to get negative reviews from your customers on your very first attempt because of damaged product issues. So, avoid the products such as Mirror furniture, vase, sceneries, etc. You cannot even improve shipping but you can only control your shipping and inventory if you manage everything on your own.

• Learn from the mistakes of Experts

There are so many sellers who have even succeeded after so many unsuccessful trials. Look at their failure stories and learn from their mistakes. See the products they pitched and why and how did they chose and made money out of selling them.

There are some tools use to select the best-selling products on a virtual assistant for amazon fba and the most popular is Jungle Scout assistant. There are various tools made available and you can easily scrutinize the huge database in one place, filter the categories. Make it research-specific and do an analysis of the future based on the history of the products.